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Special Edition:

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ALTRUM Multis, Enzymes Power Your Body's Systems

    ALTRUM is committed to giving Dealers greater knowledge and easy-to-access information about the premium ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements line.
    "Multis and Enzymes," teaches you all you need to know about ALTRUM's three multivitamin and three enzyme formulas. Click here to view the presentation.


   You will learn:

    1. Why ALTRUM Ultra Multi, A.J.'s Ultra Multi and Daily Nutritional Support are the best multivitamins on the market and their similarities and differences. This makes it easy for you to know which one is right for you, as well as which one to recommend to your customers.

    2. Did you know that lacking one enzyme can lead to serious illness? You'll get an up-close look at ALTRUM Ultra Daily Enzymes, Daily Enzyme Support and Longevity Enzymes. After watching the presentation, you'll be able to speak knowledgeably about enzymes and their importance in everyone's diet.

    3. How the multis and enzymes work together as part of your core nutritional program to help you maintain your personal wellness.

    4. How vitamins and supplements, along with good diet and exercise provide you with an "inexpensive life insurance policy."

    5. What the ingredients are in these formulas through description and detailed labels. Find out about the ALTRUM nutritional powerhouse superfood/herbal base that brings you a natural combination of nutrients that work together for your good health.

    6. How to bring this knowledge to potential customers and some basic questions you can ask to get them thinking about their personal health and nutritional needs.

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