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  1. Do You Have Pennzoil In Your Garage?
  2. May Issue Online — 'I Am a 100 Percent Believer'
  3. ALTRUM Multis, Enzymes Power Your Body's Systems — New VOPP Online
  4. ALTRUM News: Issues Available Online
  5. Changes for Ordering ALTRUM Products
  6. AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers

Do You Have Pennzoil in Your Garage?

    As an AMSOIL Dealer, you wouldn’t dream of having Pennzoil products among the AMSOIL lubricants in your garage, would you? No. In fact, it seems almost sacrilegious. We all know AMSOIL manufactures the finest lubricants on the market. Testimonials of racing teams and individual customers nationwide, underscore this fact. Why use the rest when you have the best?

ALTRUM Products

   Why Choose Anything but the Best?

    Designed and formulated with the highest-quality ingredients and processes available, ALTRUM vitamins and supplements provide the same high quality nutritional supplements as AMSOIL lubricants provide for your vehicles. Neither takes a backseat to the competition. So, let’s go back to the question at the top of the page and put an ALTRUM twist on it: Why would you have Centrum, One-A-Day, GNC, Vita Cost, Puritan’s Pride or any other vitamin in your cupboard when you can have ALTRUM?

   ALTRUM Multis Named 'World’s Best' for a Reason

    ALTRUM Ultra Multis (DNU01) are called the "World’s Best Multis" for a reason; none can compare with the number of ingredients and the "Superfood/herbal" base stock the Multis provide. Check and compare other vitamins with the ALTRUM multiple vitamins. Compare the prices and the number of ingredients. Where else can you find the quality and quantity (180 tabs) for $28.20 per bottle? Simply put, you cannot.

   ALTRUM Provides Nutritional Support to Help Your Health

    The entire ALTRUM product line provides Dealers, as well as their families and friends the opportunity to supplement daily nutritional requirements with premium vitamin formulas. Unless you are totally sequestered from the media, you have heard and seen the reports on the nutritionally abhorrent conditions of the American population. We don’t get the right amount of vitamins, proper dietary intake, correct daily exercise and on and on. ALTRUM products assist you, your customers and your family in maintaining the proper daily nutrition needed to function normally. We aim to help you maintain this nutritional lifestyle to help you improve your health. It is much better to be proactive when it comes to nutritional health.

    ALTRUM supplements are meant for every AMSOIL Dealer to use as a part of his or her daily routine. Your body works a lot longer and harder than your autos, trucks or motorcycles ever will. Why not give your body the best, too? Give it ALTRUM.

    PS — Don’t forget: Purchasing ALTRUM products earns you more CCs each month.


'I Am a 100 Percent Believer'

April ALTRUM News

    ALTRUM customer Laurie Serba of Grand Rapids, Mich is a "100 percent believer" in the benefits of ALTRUM supplements. Read more about Serba's ALTRUM experience on pages one and six of the May issue, online at

   Health News You Can Use —

    Our feature in May focuses on some of the many benefits of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. Learn more about how these amazing nutrients may help your heart, slow the aging process and protect mental health on page two. *

   Guaranteed Purity and Quality —

    Learn about the ALTRUM supplements that provide the highest quality omega-3 fatty acid formulas to help improve your nutrition on page three.

    Visit to view the entire May issue of ALTRUM News

New Learning Opportunity

ALTRUM Multis, Enzymes Power Your Body's Systems


    ALTRUM is committed to giving Dealers greater knowledge and easy-to-access information about the premium ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements line.
    Now you can get all the information your customers need about ALTRUM’s three multivitamin and three enzyme formulas. "Multis and Enzymes," is online in the Dealer Zone Training Area.

ALTRUM News – Brings you the most recent information on ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements, how they help maintain youthful vigor, health and mobility plus much more. Click any issue below to find the best products for you and your customers. Visit the ALTRUM web site at for a full year of ALTRUM News editions. *

April ALTRUM News

April 2010 ALTRUM News *
Three Steps to Improve Your Memory

An increasing amount of research centers on ways to protect, enhance and restore memory. The April issue of ALTRUM News brings you three simple steps you can take to improve your memory and introduces you to Memory Focus, a premium supplement formulated specifically to help you help yourself.Read the entire April issue online here.

March ALTRUM News

March 2010 ALTRUM News *
On the Brink of an Epidemic

Roughly 47 million Americans have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions in one person that causes this potentially life-threatening syndrome. In the March issue, ALTRUM Manager Greg Sawyer discusses metabolic syndrome and its potential impact on the American people.

For the latest information on ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements and AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers, visit their respective web sites at: and Visit the web sites regularly and often to get the most up-to-date information about all of the products in the ALTRUM Division.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
** Please check with your physician when using prescription medication in combination with food supplements.

Changes for Ordering ALTRUM Products

    In order to improve inventory control and create a uniform ordering system, cases of ALTRUM products will no longer carry the 06 designation. As of May 1, bottles of ALTRUM supplements will be identified with the suffix 01 and the unit of measure (single bottle or case of six bottles) will be designated with —EA and –CA. For example, order a single bottle of ALTRUM Ultra Multi with DNU01-EA; order a case of ALTRUM Ultra Multi with DNU01-CA.

Your ALTRUM Story Could Earn You a Special Bonus

    As a bonus for your submission of an ALTRUM testimonial, you may be eligible to receive a free six-pack of your favorite supplements. Send your submission by email to [email protected] or mail hard copy to AMSOIL BLDG, Superior, WI 54880. Be sure to include complete contact information for a follow-up interview. If we feature your story in the ALTRUM News, you will receive a six-pack of your favorite supplements as a gift from ALTRUM.

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers

Nourish Crops, Flowers and Vegetables

    A growing number of Dealers and customers know from experience how well AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers work. From small hobby farms to large commercial enterprises, AGGRAND fertilizers are proving themselves.
    Another area of growth is in the increasing number of customers using AGGRAND fertilizers on golf courses.
    Direct Jobber Ray Peszko of North Carolina has been an advocate for the environment and preserving the ecological environment of the Lake Gaston area near him for a long time, especially since chemical fertilizers used on lawns and gardens at the lake have the potential to do much harm.
    Peszko learned about the environmental benefits and high yields for users of AGGRAND products at the AMSOIL 35th Annual Convention and became an enthusiastic sales representative of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers. He enjoys successfully selling the products. "I’ve bought and sold 100 of the AGGRAND Literature Kits since the convention," Peszko said. "I'm just out here trying to stir the fires and it's starting to catch on."
    AGGRAND fertilizers can be stored in a cool, dry area for an extended length of time.

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