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  1. Dealers Snap Up New Ultra Probiotics
  2. June ALTRUM News Online: Probiotics — Ancient Wisdom for Today
  3. ALTRUM News Issues Available Online
  4. AGGRAND 4-3-3 Gains Cerftification in USDA BioPreferredSM Program

Dealers Snap Up New Ultra Probiotics

    Sales of Ultra Probiotics have surpassed all expectations since their introduction in April. "We've been waiting for this product for a long time," said Direct Jobber Bill Durand at this year's AMSOIL University.
    Ultra Probiotics combines nine premium strains of probiotics known to target specific areas of the digestive tract to provide a complete probiotic formula.
    Historically, foods such as yogurt and kefir "cultured" with beneficial probiotics have proven to improve overall vitality and health. Modern research supports the traditional view that probiotics improve and promote digestive and immune system health. *

   Benefits of ALTRUM Supplements

    ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements, with a special focus on Ultra Probiotics, were part of the educational program for Dealers who attended AMSOIL University in May.
    ALTRUM Manager Greg Sawyer brought his knowledge and expertise to daily presentations wherein Dealers learned about each of the ALTRUM products.
    Sawyer also highlighted the importance of healthy diet and exercise, along with nutritional supplementation, to safeguard health for a long life and vibrant energy.
    "Good nutrition is the foundation upon which health is built," Sawyer said. "In fact, some researchers estimate lack of proper nutrition may be linked to 90 percent of all physical ailments. *

Daily Ultra Probiotics

    "ALTRUM offers Dealers and customers a "Core Nutritional Program" consisting of the ALTRUM Ultra Multis, Nutritional Oils, Ultra Daily Enzymes and Ultra Probiotics," Sawyer said. "These four products will give you and your family a great nutritional start to every day. Continuing a daily regimen of exercise, proper diet and nutritional supplements allows you to extend your energy, health and life's potential. You are in the driver's seat when it comes to your health."
    After the presentations, Dealers gathered to tell their specific ALTRUM success stories.

    • "Joint Formula is awesome," said Dealer Jen Swanson.

    • "Longevity Enzymes together with Joint Formula really help," said Dealer Richard Koehler.

    • "I finally decided to start using Joint Formula," said Dealer Craig Hamrick. "Within a few days I noticed a dramatic improvement." *

June ALTRUM News Online Now


   Probiotics — Ancient Wisdom for Today

    For centuries people have consumed fermented foods to improve health. Research increasingly indicates live probiotics help replenish and maintain the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract that may bring a host of benefits and long-term health. *

   Multiple Probiotics Work Best

    The multiple strains of probiotics in Ultra Probiotics help establish and maintain balance in the digestive tract. See page 2 for more in-depth information. *

   Ultra Probiotics

    On page 3 of this issue, find complete nutrition facts for new Ultra Probiotics.

   Super Energy Aids Customer's Productivity

    Preferred Customer Eric Brundick talks about his positive experience using ALTRUM Super Energy on page 6.

    Visit to view the entire June issue of ALTRUM News


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
** Please check with your physician when using prescription medication in combination with food supplements.

^ At time of manufacture
All testimonials given about ALTRUM Nutritional products are non-scientific reports and are not intended to draw any direct cause and effect link between discussed events or "results" and consuming the nutrients contained in the products described. Results are individual and will vary from person to person.

ALTRUM News – Brings you the most recent information on ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements, how they help maintain youthful vigor, health and mobility plus much more.* Click any issue below to find the best products for you and your customers. Visit the ALTRUM web site at for a full year of ALTRUM News editions. *

March ALTRUM News

May 2011 ALTRUM News
Probiotics Use Soars in U.S.

   In April, ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements launched Ultra Probiotics™, the newest in its line of premium dietary supplements. The May issue brings Dealers and Preferred Customers more in-depth information about the benefits and features of this superior, multi-strain probiotic formula.
   • On page 2, the details of the unique formula that makes ALTRUM Ultra Probiotics one-of-a-kind in its class.
   •Get answers to frequently asked questions about probiotics on page 3.
   •Learn more about the power of probiotics to help balance the systems of the body on page 6. *

Visit to view the entire May issue of ALTRUM News.

For the latest information on ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements and AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers, visit their respective websites at: and Visit the websites regularly and often to get the most up-to-date information about all of the products in the ALTRUM Division.

Your ALTRUM Story Could Earn You a Special Bonus

    As a bonus for your submission of an ALTRUM testimonial, you may be eligible to receive a free six-pack of your favorite supplements. Send your submission by email to [email protected] or mail hard copy to 925 Tower Ave., Superior, WI 54880. Be sure to include complete contact information for a follow-up interview. If your story is featured in the ALTRUM News, you will receive a six-pack of your favorite supplements as a gift from ALTRUM.


   AGGRAND 4-3-3 Gains Cerftification in USDA BioPreferredSM Program

April ALTRUM News

    AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer (NOF) has gained certification into the USDA BioPreferredSM Program.
    Under the USDA program, products are considered biobased if they are composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients — renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials.
    Products certified in the program carry a label icon that helps consumers make informed choices. The icon is easy to recognize and consumers can have confidence in the label because claims about the presence and amount of biobased ingredients are third-party certified and strictly monitored by the USDA.
    The "USDA certified biobased product" icon will soon appear on AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer marketing material. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer also will be listed among products that meet the USDA requirements on the agency’s web site,

    USDA BioPreferredSM Program Goals
    The core goals of the USDA BioPreferred Program first were introduced in the 2002 Farm Bill:
    • To spur the development of the biobased industrial base through value-added agricultural processing and manufacturing in rural communities
    • To enhance the nation’s energy security, by substituting biobased products for fossil energy-based products derived from imported oil and natural gas
    • To reduce the nation's environmental impact by promoting products that may be more benign to the environment.


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